One-stop-shop for Gigabit 5G
empowered from all operators​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Join us towards the future of inbuilding connectivity by securing ​​​​​​​Gigabit 5G in your building

Proptivity will provide you with high quality indoor 5G using a neutral open infrastructure - smart network sharing that benefits all parties

Real-estate owner or tenant wants 5G in their premise 

Real-estate owner reaches out to Proptivity in order to secure best-in-class 5G indoor network for their buildings.
Proptivity creates roll-out plan based on building blueprints
​​​​​​​Proptivity handles everything, from compiling blueprints to network design. Limited involvement needed from real-estate owner (validating blueprints, informing tenants etc.)
Operators and real-estate owners approve roll-out plan

​​​​​​​Proptivity validates operator interest for specific building and details down the design to enable interoperability. The real-estate owner have a go/no-go decision once everything is in place
Infrastructure network is installed and operated by Proptivity

Installation with minimal tenant interference


Find out the benefits with Gigabit 5G

Proptivity provides users with the unparallelled experience of Gigabit 5G with significant additional benefits:  We conduct only one project in the building; we invite all operators, and last but not least we consume a fraction of the energy and material compared with if Operators build own dedicated networks. Consequently, we are providing a more sustainable service compared to traditional alternatives.

Gigabit 5G gives you highest everything

We build and operate the most capable indoor 5G networks available on the market, we call this Gigabit 5G to set the bar on what good looks like. We of course talk about Gigabit/s speeds, but also amazing building coverage with low latency and ability to cater for high volume of devices. The services are provided directly to the real-eastate owners so you as tenants, can continue to use your existing Operator when they are connected to Proptivity network. We see great potential to over time both simplify corporate IT services as well as implement new type of business critical applications on our Gigabit 5G networks.

Gigabit 5G network

The services we offer are dedicated to real-estate owners and Operators, we do not offer directly to end-users from Proptivity.

If you don’t have Gigabit 5G in your building, you can talk with your Landlord and also with your Operator and ask for Proptivity Gigabit 5G.
We provide our services in Sweden from 2022 and from 2023 in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Our solution is designed to minimize pain points when rolling-out indoor 5G across the Nordics

  • Single point of contact: You get a single point of contact instead of multiple. This reduces the need of cabling and coordination as well as access cards

  • Open infrastructure for operator independency: Our infrastructure is open, which means all mobile operators can connect to it in order to deliver end-user services

  • Highest quality and extensive experience: Our team have extensive telecom experience and operate with the most prominent and high-quality vendors of 5G indoor connectivity infrastructure, enabling carrier grade networks with superior service

An open neutral host will benefit the entire ecosystem, from end-user to real-estate owner to mobile operator 


End-users like tenants, retail clients or other visitors will be able to use all benefits of 5G – higher capacity, reduced latency, better security, greater speed, increased reliability and improved energy efficiency.

Real-estate owner

  • One partner for your future mobile connectivity, neutral network host for all mobile operators
  • Superior 5G coverage, high quality connectivity with Gbps speed for the end users
  • Increased attraction and value for tenants and retail customers, increases your property value and revenue potential
  • Optimised energy usage with electricity savings up to 80% compared to existing solutions
  • Supports indoor location based services for property management, tenants and retail customers

Mobile operator

Reduce time to market by using Proptivity’s extensive network of property owners and be able to fully focus on macro roll-out.

Real estate owners utilizing neutral networks implies several societal benefits

Energy savings from network sharing
One neutral network vs. four networks (one per operator) implies substantial energy and material savings


Make the Nordics a leader within digitalization
The Nordics are currently behind in the 5G roll-out and a pace increase is needed to ensure that catch up


Competitive advantage and innovation
The competitive advantage of Nordic and Baltic companies will be weakened if foreign competitors has access to better connectivity