5G for Properties

An Ericsson and Proptivity event - 1 Dec 2022





Welcome to 5G for Properties

Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Central and Northern Europe, Ericsson
Mikael Lundman, CEO, Proptivity

Current 5G Developments and Trends

Patrik Cerwall, Head of Strategic Marketing Insights, Ericsson

The critical role of digital connectivity in modern buildings
Laura Klair, Business Development Nordics and CEE, Wiredscore

Future role of digital infrastructure in Properties
Christoffer Börjesson, Head of Digital Accelerator, Newsec
Property owner perspective on indoor connectivity
John Lethenström, Chef Fastighetsutveckling, Hufvudstaden
Tomas Öhrn, Konceptutveckling, Castellum
​​​​​​​Mikael Österberg, CIO, AMF Fastigheter
Store of Tomorrow
Olivia Johansson, Technology Strategist, Accenture
Tobias Henriksson, Future Tech Lead Europe, Accenture
Future Store in the age of experience
Linda Pimmeshofer, Industry Advisor Retail, Microsoft
Panel Discussion - Importance of connectivity in future stores
Olivia Johansson, Accenture
Linda Pimmeshofer, Microsoft
Tobias Henriksson, Accenture
Lars Åke Tollemark, Senior Advisor, URW
Future of Workplace - bricks, bytes and behaviours
Daniel Karlsson, Associate Partner, EY

Edsbyn Senab connectivity business case
Conny Torstensson, CEO, Edsbyn Senab

Panel Discussion - Importance of connectivity in future workplaces
Conny Torstensson, Edsbyn Senab
Daniel Karlsson, EY
5G indoor beyond phones - Fastr
Niklas Magnusson, CEO, Fastr
5G indoor beyond phones - Defigo
Hildur Smaradottir, CEO, Defigo
5G indoor beyond phones - Zynka
Martin Tomasson, Innovation Manager, Zynka
5G indoor beyond phones - Accessy
Håkan Eriksson, CEO, Accessy
Inbuilding IoT - Today and Tomorrow
Ulf Seijmer, Chief Innovation Officer, Induo

Increasing premises' productivity with high quality connectivity
Christopher Johansson, Deputy MD, Fastpartner
5G indoor beyond phones - Sally R
Fredrik Tunberg, CEO, Sally R

5G indoor beyond phones - VirtuGrp
Miguel Blockstrand, Head IoT, VirtuGrp

5G indoor beyond phones - Nordic Level Group
Jesper Arkinger, CCO, NLG
David Berndt, Founder, Corepart
5G indoor beyond phones - Vyer

Nils Berglund, CEO, Vyer
Panel Discussion - How to make the connected property a reality
Jenny Lindqvist, Ericsson
Mikael Lundman, Proptivity
Lars Åke Tollemark, URW
Bengt Nordström, MD, Northstream (Accenture)