5G Use Cases for Health


Doctor phones
always in coverage


Patients can always be reached and reach others


existing wifi

Today the existing wifi is very often used by employees to connect also their smartphones while at work. If an indoor system is built with high capacity, all that usage can be off-loaded and free up capacity and increase quality in wifi network, reducing need for further wifi investments 

Patient and
​​​​​​​visitor analytics

Indoor networks are a great tool for securely analyzing patient movement based on their smartphones and anonomized user data from operators  


Robot assisted arrival screening
AI assisted robots can be effective "first line of service" for patients walking into hospitals or clinics. If they have started their health support session at home or if this is the first contact, the robot can assist the patient on checking basic symptoms and led them to be next step.
AR/VR improving palliative care
Experience an immersive calming forrest, a beach or any other favourite experience become possible with gigabit connected VR glasses that can be used everywhere in an hospital
Patient Monitoring with 5G
Smart connected cameras together with powerful pattern reqocnition tools can reduce patient risk from for example falls.
Improve Patient experience with 5G
Higher connectivity capabilities from 5G has the potential to boost all patient handling processing, regardless if doctors and patients are in the same location. Resulting in increased patient experience


Remote consultation in 8K
Medical industry is running short of professionals, infrastructure and monetary resources. Remote health with high quality can secure next level of efficiency

Asset Monitoring
An indoor 5G network can enable precise real-time tracking of any device that is connected. The expectation is that there is potential of location accuracy down to centimeters
Smart Check-in with facial recognition
Facial reqognition can become avery valuable tool in speeding up and creating more efficienct check in processes. Flexible, secure and high capacity connectivity will be needed and can be secured with 5G
Very large file transfer
One challenge for hospitals today is to transfer large files from PET/CAT scans. 5G has the potential to become the high capacity local network to overcome these challenges, even when they are fully mobile.