Head of IP Networks

​​​​​​​Assignment Objectives:
The main assignment objectives are to ensure that Proptivity designs and implements a high-quality, high-secure, and cost-effective IP network that supports the business requirements of Proptivity and the operators that connect to the RAN networks deployed by Proptivity.

General Responsibilities:
The general responsibilities include the design of Proptivity’s IP-network architecture from HLD to LLD and the integration of the participating operators, and IP-core networks for proper interoperability with the RAN system on an operator-by-operator basis in a highly secure manner that protects the integrity of the network from unauthorized access and other Cyber security threats. The responsibility includes the overall IP architecture, design criteria, and management of IP ranges.

The responsibility includes both the short-term IP and security requirements, as well as the long-term strategic evolution of the IP and security architecture of Proptivity’s IP network. Your responsibility includes R&D, development, implementation as well as operation of our IP-networks.

The responsibility includes all aspects of the IP network, router configuration, firewalls, and selection of products from equipment suppliers for different site requirements/configurations, i.e. defining which IP and security equipment to be installed for different types of sites.  It also includes staffing of necessary tasks through steering of manage service partner(s), potential sub-contractors and potentially internal staff.

The responsibility includes the establishment of a “zero-touch” environment, automation and the processes between operators, managed service partners, and Proptivity.

Specific responsibilities:
  • Establish, implement and maintain Proptivity’s L2/L3 architecture from HLD to LLD including e.g. physical connectivity, 5G TDD synchronisation solution, traffic separation (VLAN/VRF´s), QoS, routing protocols, redundancy, security, multicast, IP-address plan.
  • Establish, implement and maintain Proptivity’s Network Security Policy including e.g Access-control and Cyber security threats.
  • Establish close relationships with the participating operators’ core and RAN designers to ensure proper and secure interoperability between the MNOs and Proptivity’s neutral host RAN.
  • Establish a close relationship with Proptivity’s managed service partner to maintain “zero touch” process for the automatic configuration of the RAN and other nodes as part of the commissioning and commercial service process.
  • Specify Proptivity’s technical and security requirements for routers for different types of sites and document Proptivity’s technical, functional and operational requirements procurement processes.
  • Define the spare part management strategy for routers together with Operations.
  • Evaluate the router supplier market and propose the most cost-effective router for Proptivity’s business needs.
  • Ensure that the IP design (HLD and LLD) and implementation (inventory) are properly documented and up to date as per the evolution and rollout of Proptivity’s RAN and data network.
  • Define and follow up on QoS KPIs for the IP network.
  • Evaluate the IP network performance and optimise the design per traffic development.
  • Produce the yearly Capex budget based on input from sales forecasts.

The Head of IP Network will report to the company COO.

Initially, you will not have any staff reporting to you but you will work with our managed services partner(s), operators, and sub-contractors.

This role is placed in Stockholm, some travel may be required from time to time.

The candidate shall have at least 10 years of experience in data network design, parameter settings of routers, optimising the design of IP networks, etc. The candidate shall understand IP service implementation in carrier networks using IP-VPN, EVPN and be familiar with protocols such as BGP, MPLS, ISIS OSPF, IP-Sec, SNMP, IGMP and VTP with a very good understanding of the router market and the capability of different router suppliers.

The candidate shall be familiar with and understand Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN).The candidate shall be familiar with telecommunication, SyncE, PTP, (D)WDM, and fiber optics. Mobile core and RAN experience are meritorious.

Personal skills:
The candidate shall have a high level of internal drive, be able to work and achieve results on his/her own and be able to achieve results through partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors. The person shall have good and clear communication skills both verbally and in writing. It is meritorious that the successful candidate has experience in budget work and vendor selection. More importantly, the successful candidate strives towards high-quality, cost-effective technical solutions.