Head of Network Implementation

Assignment Objectives:
The main assignment objectives are to ensure that Proptivity implements a high-quality and cost-effective 4G/5G RAN network that meets the requirements of the property owners and Operators in a timely manner.
General Responsibilities:
The general responsibilities include the management of Proptivity’s roll-out and implementation partners and ensuring that the implementation meets the design and implementation requirements and standards as per the implementation budget prior to acceptance and commercial service.
The responsibilities also include optimisation of the implementation process, cost optimisation of installation material, installation time, and resources used. The function shall ensure that all involved parties (internal and external) work according to the same overall project plan, deadlines, and milestones.
Specific responsibilities:
  • Manage Proptivity’s roll-out program, regarding deadlines for pre-study, final design, installation start, and completion (commercial service). This includes the overall logistics, equipment supply, ordering of services, and implementation budget control.
  • Management and development of Proptivity’s roll-out and implementation partners. This includes cost optimisation of both equipment and resources, quality of service, and timely performance of the undertaking.
  • Coordinate and channel all external implementation requirements from the property owners for the final network design prior to commencement of the installation. This includes property access, coordination of installation activities and duration, selection of equipment room, and cable paths.
  • Track the development of cost KPIs such as overall implementation cost per sqm, equipment cost per sqm, installation cost per sqm, man hours per sqm etc.
  • Manage installation process up until Site Acceptance. This includes any recorded deficiencies (Punchlist Items) and the timely resolution prior to Final Acceptance, including documentation.
  • Keep Proptivity’s roll-out partners informed about the implementation forecast.
  • Place orders for network deployment in cooperation with Head of Radio.
  • Ensure that the network and the system are properly documented and up to date, this includes the inventory system and network documentation system.
  • Produce the yearly implementation budget based on input from sales forecasts.
The Head of Network Implementation will report to the company COO.
The candidate shall have at least 15 years of experience in civil works, installation or construction projects, management of sub-contractors, managing the budget, and financial planning and control. Candidate shall have 10 years of project management experience, preferably from small project management organisations with a wide scope of responsibility, high implementation pace, and financial responsibility. A background in telecom, CATV (cable tv), fibre deployment would be preferred.
Personal skills:
The candidate shall have a high level of internal drive, be able to work and achieve results on his/her own and be able to achieve results through partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors. The person shall have good and clear communication skills both verbally and in writing. It is imperative that the candidate has a financial interest, and is used to working with cost optimisation, efficiency programs, and towards a budget.