Head of Radio

Assignment Objectives:
The main assignment objectives are to ensure that Proptivity designs and implements a high-quality and cost-effective 4G/5G RAN network that meets the requirements of the property owners and Operators.
General Responsibilities:
The general responsibilities include defining the RF-design criteria for the indoor neutral host operation and to ensure that Proptivity’s selected partners meet the design requirements for the implementation prior to placing any building into commercial service.
The responsibility also includes all aspects of the RAN HW configuration and selection of products from equipment suppliers and monitoring the performance of the RAN indoor network solutions post commercial service.
Specific responsibilities:
  • Liaise with our roll-out partners regarding pre-study and final design of indoor radio networks and approve the design prior to sales/commercial makes quotations to property owners or operators.
  • Select and quantify RAN equipment for the RF design.
  • Participate and approve all RAN indoor implementations prior to commercial launch.
  • Monitor the performance of the operational RF network and liaise with Operators regarding any quality or performance issues.
  • Submit forecasts to equipment suppliers and roll-out and MS (Managed Service) partners.
  • Place orders for pre-study, detailed design, and network deployment.
  • Secure that all criteria are met prior to bringing a new building into commercial service. This includes downloading the latest approved SW and the parameter setting from the Operator (test data and/or live data as agreed with the respective Operator).
  • Ensure that the network and the system are properly documented and up to date, this includes the inventory system and network documentation system.
  • Track the cost KPIs for capex per kvm, installation cost/cable and fiber meter and the man-hours required for the RAN deployment per DOT and take the appropriate action to address any negative deviations or negative trends.
  • Until a deployment manager is recruited, follow up and manage the deployment time plan with the interested parties such as roll-out and MS partners as well as property owners (via sales).
  • Produce the yearly capex budget based on input from sales forecasts.
The Head of Radio will report to the company COO.
The candidate shall have at least 10 years of experience in mobile radio design, RF optimisation, parameter settings, measurements, and network deployment etc. The candidate shall be familiar with and used to work with RF-propagation tools, TEMS or similar. LTE/4G experience is required and 5G experience, mobile indoor and hot-spot solutions are meritorious.
Personal skills:
The candidate shall have a high level of internal drive, be able to work and achieve results on his/her own and be able to achieve results through partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors. The person shall have good and clear communication skills both verbally and in writing. It is imperative that the candidate has experience in budget and cost control work, and is used to working with cost optimisation, efficiency programs, and toward projects and yearly budgets.