Empowered to deliver
​​​​​​​Gigabit 5G


Proptivity enables a faster and more efficient way for the operators to deploy premium Indoor 5G networks

Proptivity is on a mission to deploy market leading Indoor 5G infrastructure that operators can utilize to build cutting-edge end-user services to tenants and visitors of buildings. Consequently, Proptivity does not (and will never) offer any end-user services.
Proptivity only works with market leading vendors and works relentlessly to ensure that our networks hold the best quality available.

In addition to a faster go to market for premium 5G infrastructure, Proptivity's model enables the operator to, individually and in discretion, set their own network parameters. The infrastructure will therefore behave just like if the operator would build the network themselves.
Finally, we build one network which is significantly more efficient from a sustainability, resource and cost perspective.
To sum up:
  1. Faster go to market
  2. Only highest quality network infrastructure
  3. Cost, resource and environmentally superior model
  4. Individual network parameter settings that can be set in discretion
  5. An opportunity to deliver indoor end-user services on the best infrastructure there is

How it works:

We finance, build and operate an active indoor network with full 5G and 4G functionality, including MIMO and Multioperator capability based on small cell technology.
The operator connects its network directly to our 5G Gigabit network and can provide all Services to its customers in the building and decide and control what customer experience to provide, irrespective of other operators connected to the network. The operator decide on its own parameters, such as which of its own spectrum bands to be used. 
The Property network is fully managed with advanced operational features to secure telecom grade experience.
The operators enjoy a very cost effective and high performance indoor capability with minimum impact on the environment.

Operator Opportunities

​​​​​​​Having a high capacity 5G network that cover indoor as seamless as it today exists outdoor, will open up many opportunities for Operators create value for enterprises market. Here are some examples on what is possible once your corporate customers are covered by Gigabit 5G in their offices.
  • Bundle 5G laptops and phones together + managed IT support as way to reduce overall corporate IT/wifi cost

  • Engage with partners to move current building and office services over onto 5G mobile and upsell to real-estate owners as well as enterprises/tenants. This could for example be alarm systems, surveillance cameras, sensing devices for smart houses, automated cleaning, automated building services.

  • Offer enterprise solutions based on unique 5G features like dynamic slicing and edge computing. This could be applications such as ability to offer private vs corporate subscriptions on staff phones, firewall all corporate traffic or off-load compute heavy applications like AR and Gaming applications

  • Offer business critical applications with special uplink subscriptions that will be needed for future spatial mapping services (ex. for real-estate agents)

  • Offer special 5G enabled conference rooms with their own high performance subscriptions to ensure 8K telepresence and holographic experiences.

  • Offer targeted subscriptions for staff and functions that has time-critical needs such as responding to complex support issues using video, answer emergency calls and uploading time-critical software patches.